A volunteer is learning the alternative ways of horse training.

Volunteer at Sandwerf

More Than a Hand, Heartfelt Exchange:
Unmasking the Volunteer Spirit at Sandwerf

A Greater Kudu amidst the foliage of the Sandwerf wilderness.
A tender moment between a volunteer and a horse at Joseph's Dream Stud.
The swimming pool at the volunteer house is the centre of relaxation for many of the volunteers.

Embark on a transformative journey that promises personal growth and adventure as a volunteer at Sandwerf. Here, in the heart of the African bush, the enchanting spirit of Joseph's Dream Stud awaits. Surrounded by the healing silence of nature, you'll delve into the art of natural horsemanship. You'll have the opportunity to hone your skills, assist in raising foals, and contribute to the training and rehabilitation of horses, including neglected rescues.

In the daily care of 40+ stud horses, their foals, miniature horses, and Alpacas, you'll experience the profound joy and liberating freedom of living and training horses force-free and with respect. Engage with the local community's children, creating moments of healing and awareness. With the guidance of the ancient Namibian San tribe's friendly and talented horse workers, you'll learn to communicate with horses using methods like Liberty, Trust exercises, Clicker Training, and more, fostering a genuine connection.

Your accommodation in the brand-new Volunteer house, strategically perched for optimal views of paddocks, stables, and the game waterhole, ensures a community-oriented experience. The house features eight modern rooms, each with a king-size bed, private toilet, and shower. This limited-capacity setup, hosting a maximum of eight Equine Volunteers, preserves the desired family atmosphere of your stay. Single chalets are available upon request for those seeking a more solitary experience.

Whether you opt for a two-week minimum stay or extend your journey to a maximum of three months, the Joseph's Dream Equine Volunteer Program promises a unique blend of skill development, new friendships, and contributions to a nurturing team, fostering a lasting connection with the legacy of Sandwerf.

Feel the call to become a part of the Sandwerf legacy!

One of the many groups of volunteers that have visited Joseph's Dream Stud and Sandwerf.

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

- Henry Ford -

Two volunteers working with the Alpacas as dusk approches.