One of the volunteers leading a horse through the long grass in the fields of Sandwerf.

Balance Retreat

Rediscover Harmony, Invest in Change,
Transform Your Life Journey.

One-on-one therapy amidst the hosres on the Sandwerf Retreat.
The Giraffe of Sandwerf.
An interior of one of the rooms at Sandwerf, depicting the unique ambience of the accommodation.

While our Awareness Retreat for Burn-Out and Burn-Out Prevention has a fixed three-week structure and a medical focus, our Balance Retreat is more flexible and a relaxed personal journey to reset your life. Our Balance Retreat is a choice to simply slow down, reflect, enjoy and find balance in your life, guided by our team and licensed PP as your personal coach. A journey back to life-quality beyond holiday time and a fresh start towards lasting change.

Our Balance Retreat is travelling and investing your time differently and sustainably for yourself. A holiday is not just to relax and then return to the same stressful environment unprepared. The mixture of holiday and professional coaching in this two-week Retreat is to install deep-rooted change for the return into your daily life within you, followed by a one-week explorative journey through Namibia.

If our daily life is off-balance, a routine holiday will not bring a lasting change to our health afterwards. It won't make you feel happier, more recharged or fulfilled in the long term. Do you live a life off-balance or overloaded by stress, trauma or an unhealthy routine of 11 months a year to feel happy, fulfilled and balanced for a holiday period of 3 weeks per year?

It is time to reset and rediscover your purpose for your life! How can you implement balance and meaning back into your daily routine life? Invest in a healing journey instead of a routine holiday to take actual change for your life from it and not only time for relaxation. Take this time to relax but also discover a shift in mindset; gain the confidence to implement the change and learn the strategies to sustain it in your daily life from our licensed psychologists in your private coaching sessions!

And above all, make a difference. Make a difference by joining this Retreat and investing in a sustainable concept for a local community, and at the same time, make a difference for yourself by bringing change into your life longer lasting than just a holiday. Sandwerf's tranquillity allows you to leave your usual daily environment behind for a noise-free and healing environment in the African Bush and at the pace of nature.

Experience and re-learn a great sense of community and reactivate the feeling for your rhythm. Our two and four-legged therapists and teachers will show you how to revitalise your lost intuitive skills. Let us take you on this journey to your renewed inner health and a meaningful life. In this Retreat, all sessions are free choice and can be adjusted to personal preferences and personality traits. You can choose only private sessions and also more time on your own. You can also choose from the different Workshop sessions according to your liking and do not have to participate.

Reedbuck amidst the long grass of the flood plains of northeast Namibia.

Therapy Program:
The mornings consist of group or private therapy with a licensed psychotherapist (focus on cognitive behavioural therapy), Psychoeducation, skills training, schema therapeutic interventions, resilience training, and role play. The afternoon program consists of several workshops on a rotation system and free choice with the contents: animal-assisted therapy, creative arts therapy (art, music and dance/body movement), gardening, meditation, mindfulness training, enhancing the ability to perceive pleasure & slow down, nature exploration, and Self-reflection using daily diary entries.

Costs included per participant for a period of three weeks € 6000. (Please inquire for local rates)
Two weeks' accommodation in our Sandwerf spacious chalets (single or double occupation chalets; all rooms have private bathrooms). Our talented chef prepares all meals. Breakfast, lunch, supper, water (fresh farm water from the tap), airport shuttle, daily group sessions in the morning under the guidance of an M. Sc. Psychotherapist under supervision, workshops in the afternoon, four individual therapy sessions per participant per week, and the beautiful silence of the African Bush. Two 'explorer days' with half or full-day excursion away from Sandwerf, a one-week lodge trip through stunning Namibia, we will visit Etosha National Park, Sossusvlei, and the Namibian Coast.

For a comprehensive schedule, please get in touch with us directly.

Regain Balance

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JULY 2024:
Sunday 07 - Sunday 27
Sunday 01 - Sunday 21
Sunday 03 - Sunday 24

A couple relaxing on their private veranda after a fulfilled day's activities at Sandwerf.

This Retreat is currently only available in English. Private Therapy Sessions are available in English and German.

The endless vistas of the Namib Naukluft Park in Namibia.