The elegantly stylish interior of one of the rooms at Sandwerf.

Embark on Your Sandwerf Adventure

Where Sun-Kissed Horizons Beckon:
Adventure Intertwined with Purpose

Within the shade of the green oasis and ancient mesas, a tapestry of experiences awaits. Sandwerf isn't just a destination; it's a living invitation to explore, connect, and discover the transformative power of conscious living. Imagine learning the language of horses through Liberty training, their spotted grace dancing before you. Picture yourself weaving alongside skilled artisans, ancestral threads intertwining with your creative spirit.

But Sandwerf's magic extends beyond personal adventures. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of sustainable agriculture, nurturing the land and local communities. Let the warmth of local smiles welcome you as you share skills and stories, becoming a vital thread in the vibrant tapestry of progress.

So pack your sense of wonder, your thirst for adventure, and your desire to make a difference. Sandwerf, where horizons whisper promises and every sunrise unveils a new possibility, awaits your arrival. Come and weave your thread into the grand story of Sandwerf.

Please note: Due to our retreats, we can only cater to children older than 12.

One of the private plunge pools and verandas of the units at Sandwerf.


In Namibia's sun-kissed embrace, choose your perfect retreat. Eco-chic chalets whisper the secrets of the surroundings, while crystal clear night skies unveil endless constellations. Awaken to bird song, or relax in the private plunge pool whilst delving into a paperback novel. Unwind in Sandwerf's haven, where adventure awaits at every sunrise.

The spacious yet intimate atmosphere of the restaurant at Sandwerf.


Indulge in the rich and diverse flavours of Namibia! Savour a delicious feast of the flame-grilled game under the starry skies, accompanied by a selection of exquisite African wines and locally-grown delicacies. Every bite of our food tells a story of sustainable practices and community spirit. Join us at Sandwerf's table, where culinary magic and human connection unite perfectly.

Volunteers feeding the Alpacas at Sandwerf.


Dive into the rhythm of Sandwerf. Learn the language of horses through Liberty training, their grace weaving before you. Cycle through sun-drenched landscapes or explore ancient mesas steeped in history. Let the savanna ignite your spirit, from stargazing adventures to genuine community involvement - Sandwerf, where every sunrise sparks a new possibility.

A volunteer is thanking one of the horses for the great opportunity at Sandwerf.


Join the Equine Volunteer Program, where your days will be filled with purpose, far removed from the superficial stress of urban existence. Learn first-hand the intricacies of working with the horses via communication with your host, Annika and her dedicated staff. Feel the satisfaction of knowing your visit played a part in the upliftment of the children of Dordabis.

The reflections of the restaurant's pound in the evening light at Sandwerf.