The Joseph Dream Stud is returning from the fields of Sandwerf in the evening light.

Meet Our Dedicated Team

Weaving Dreams into Reality - The Invaluable Contributions of Every Team Member

At Sandwerf, we recognize that the hands and hearts of our remarkable team shape every corner of our haven. Beyond the architects and visionaries, our gardeners, housekeeping, and maintenance staff are pivotal. Each team member plays a crucial role, from the visionary to the one tending to the smallest detail. Together, we create an environment where even the most mundane tasks contribute to the magic. Our dedicated team embodies the spirit of Sandwerf, weaving dreams into reality and ensuring that every aspect, from architecture to maintenance, reflects our commitment to excellence. As you get to know our team, you'll discover the passion, expertise, and genuine care that go into making your Sandwerf experience truly exceptional. Join us in celebrating the diverse talents and roles that collectively form the heartbeat of Sandwerf.

Stephanie de Lange the General Manager.

Stephanie de Lange

General Manager

Greetings. I'm a Windhoek native with a passion for nature. My academic journey led me through the University of Stellenbosch, earning a BSc Honours In zoology and an MSc from the University of Pretoria. Over the last eight years, I've cultivated expertise in Namibia's premium tourism sector, dedicating myself to environmental conservation and sustainable practices. Join me in exploring the beauty of Sandwerf's natural wonders.

Elias Abel the Head Chef

Elias Abel

Head Chef

I am a Namibian chef and culinary enthusiast. Growing up in Windhoek, I honed my skills at Namibia English Primary, Concordia College, TUCSIN, and The South African Chefs Academy. My culinary journey includes accolades like Mad Max Stunt Chef and 3rd place in the 2013 Senior Chefs competition. I was the owner of Mad Chef and Chillar. Now, I serve as the Executive Chef at Sandwerf Namibia, where I bring my passion for food to life. Join me on a culinary adventure that celebrates Namibia's flavours, creativity, and spirit.

Joyce Angolini the Psychologist Psychotherapist

Joyce Angolini

M.Sc. Psychologist Psychotherapist

I'm an open-minded, adventurous soul passionate about dance and music. My journey led me to dance therapy training in 2012 and a psychology bachelor's and master's degree in 2013. I was instantly captivated when I discovered the Sandwerf retreat project last year. The African 'vibes' and the tranquil 'bush' exude an energy that gives me goosebumps. Now, I want to share this profound energy and resilience with you, guiding you in tapping into it for the long term. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

Juddeline Damases the housekeeping supervisor.

Juddeline Damases

Housekeeping supervisor

Originating from Tsumeb, I'm on a journey at Sandwerf, embracing my Dammarra/Nama roots. Fluent in English and Afrikaans, I'm not just an employee but a dedicated individual striving for growth and accumulating valuable work experience. Passionate about creativity, I enjoy collaborative challenges and appreciate Annika and Leon for the chance to build my career at Sandwerf.

Paulus Thomas the head groom.

Paulus Thomas

Head Groom

I was born in Otjiwarongo, Namibia, in 1987. Proudly Nama/Dammarra and Oshivambo, I speak both English and Afrikaans. As the Head Groom at Joseph's Dream Stud, I live and breathe my passion for horses, having engaged in endurance and show jumping across Southern Africa. I want to be known for my honesty and reliability. I am grateful to Annika for entrusting me with the incredible opportunity to work closely with these magnificent creatures at Sandwerf.

Hilya Hewawo Daniel the assistant cook.

Hilya Hewawo Daniel

Assistant Cook

Hello, I am a 24-year-old from Ruacana in Northern Namibia. Connecting with people from various backgrounds is my passion. Since my school days, I've loved being in the kitchen, and now, as a chef at Sandwerf, I dream of becoming the best baker by the end of 2024. One of my specialities is crafting the most delicious milk tart. Join me on this journey of continuous learning and culinary exploration.

Dawid Beukes the maintenance foreman.

Dawid Beukes

Maintenance Foreman

I was born in Rehoboth. Despite not finishing high school, I earned a motor mechanics and welding diploma. My journey led me to diverse roles - bricklaying, plumbing, and more. Joining Sandwerf in 2019, I'm now the maintenance foreman and am grateful for the opportunity Leon and Annika have provided. My dream is to elevate further and share experiences, offering options and promoting mutual respect. Thank you for the journey.

Jackie Martiens the volunteer supervisor and horse trainer.

Jaqueline Martin

Horse trainer & Volunteer supervisor

Life's twists have shaped me; horses have been my guiding stars. They've taught me profound lessons - listening keenly and feeling deeply. Now, I'm devoted to giving back. My mission: reveal a gentler, more sensitive way to connect with horses, fostering lasting friendships built on trust and harmony. Sharing equine beauty and peace with the world is my life's goal.

Petrus Nehale

Grounds Keeper

I was born in 1971 and have over 30 years of gardening experience that I intend to bring to Sandwerf. Known for my dedication and reliability, I come from a humble background. Sandwerf has been a lifeline, offering employment that allows me to provide for my family and secure our financial future. Despite life's challenges, my spirit remains happy and enthusiastic as I contribute to the beauty of the Sandwerf's grounds.

A Southern Pied Babbler amidst the foliage surrounding the horse paddocks at Sandwerf.