The weaver's hands sorted out the tread on one of the Sandwerf looms.

Presenting Sandwerf's Projects

Seeds of Progress, Blossoming Futures:
Rooted in Purpose, Woven with Hope

At Sandwerf, you witness transformation blossoming through impactful projects. Imagine local communities empowered through vocational training, gardens nourishing land and families, and ancestral weaving whispering hope through contemporary art. Each initiative, from volunteer programs to community collaborations, is a vibrant thread in this tapestry of progress. Delve into these fertile grounds, discover your role in crafting a brighter future, and let Sandwerf's magic entwine with your own.

One of the Appalachian horses is enjoying the freedom of the Sandwerf grounds.

Horse Stud

Joseph's Dream Stud and Training Centre is located amidst the scenic mesas, home to our uniquely spotted horses. Here, we use the liberty training to build trust with our horses and follow responsible breeding practices. As you explore the ranch on a guided tour, you'll be welcomed by the thundering of hooves and discover the magic at the heart of Sandwerf. We offer various opportunities for involvement, from volunteering in the stables to participating in our horse training programs. Each encounter with our horses leaves an indelible mark on your soul and contributes to the progress of our community.

A sunflower in the Sandwerf Garden.


Sandwerf's gardens are more than a visual delight; they're a resilient tapestry interwoven with the community's essence. Amidst the pandemic, these gardens emerged as vital sanctuaries, providing sustenance that became the lifeline of Sandwerf. The imminent state-of-the-art production kitchen amplifies our commitment to sustainability, envisioning a resilient community. Join us in cultivating a future where nature's bounty sustains, heals, and inspires - a vision deeply rooted in our flourishing gardens.

An old wooden shuttle of the Sandwerf Loom.


Discover the soulful revival of Namibia's historic carpet weaving at 'Klein Ibenstein Weavers.' Our journey transcends tradition, blending a vibrant legacy with sustainable practices. Guided by ancient wisdom, our artisans craft with alpaca fleece, embracing ethical weaving. Our alpacas, introduced in 2018, enrich both weaving and animal therapy. Hand-processing alpaca fleece yields chemical-free, organic creations. Sandwerf wevery isn't just about carpets; it embodies ethical practices, sustainability, and the seamless fusion of tradition and ingenuity.

An Appalachian hoses galloping freely within the fields of Sandwerf, wrapped in the soft evening light.