Horses running in the grasslands in the evening light.

sandwerf revealed

Where Purpose Blends with Adventure

In the heart of Namibia, where the savannas whisper, and the stars shine bright, you'll find Sandwerf. It's a place where the community is uplifted, the environment is protected, and conscious living is embraced. Sandwerf is a sanctuary where adventure meets responsibility, where the wisdom of the past meets the vision of the present, and where each day brings new transformational experiences. Explore the organic gardens, teeming with life and a testament to the respect for the earth. Witness the beauty and grace of the Appaloosa horses, who embody the philosophy of natural horsemanship through Liberty training. Discover the Sandwerf Weaver's Cooperative, where ancestral techniques are woven into contemporary designs, telling stories of resilience and hope. Sandwerf is a journey of transformation waiting to be embraced.

The entrance of Sandwerf.


Sandwerf is a beacon of conscious living and sustainable practices at the heart of this vibrant symphony. Witness the transformative power of responsible tourism, where every visitor becomes a thread in the tapestry of progress. Explore innovative projects like the volunteer program and vocational training centre, empowering the local community to weave their own brighter futures. Sandwerf is a destination where purpose blossoms within every sun-drenched corner.

A group photo of the staff in front of the stables.

The Community

At the heart of Sandwerf beats a vibrant community nurtured by dedication and innovation. We at Sandwerf believe that the inclusion and upliftment of communities are the only way to develop a sustainable economy. Discover vocational training programs empowering individuals to build brighter futures. Join hands and hearts, contributing to a tapestry of shared success.

Leon and Annika are walking with their dogs at sunset in the wilderness surrounding Sandwerf.

The Founder

In the whispering savannas of Namibia, dreams bloomed into Sandwerf. Walk with the founders; their hearts are woven with purpose as they share the seeds of inspiration, the challenges surmounted, and the magic that brought this vibrant tapestry of community and nature to life. Unveil the roots of Sandwerf, a story of passion, resilience, and the unwavering belief in a brighter future.

A Waterbuck cautiously observes his surroundings.