One of the original old weavers adjusting the loom in the Sandwerf weavery.

Sandwerf Weavery

Alpaca Artistry: Shaping a New Era in Weaving.

Prosessing the alpaca's fur in the Sandwerf Weavery.
One of the Sandwerf alpacas
A wooden loom shuttle in the Sandwerf Weavery

The 'Klein Ibenstein Weavers' is a revival of Namibia's historical carpet weaving legacy and a unique reinterpretation of it. We took the renowned 'Ibenstein Weavers' Tradition, once a global hub for vibrant and durable carpets, and breathed new life into it when we took over the 'Klein Ibenstein' Farm. Our vision was to restore this regional heritage within Sandwerf's community and reinvent it with a fresh style and a more personalized, interactive production scale.

Our journey is about more than just preserving tradition; it's about redefining it sustainably and ethically. Our weavers, guided by the ancient wisdom of community elders, now work with alpaca fleece instead of traditional caracul wool. This conscious choice reflects our commitment to animal well-being. In 2018, we brought a flock of Alpacas from South Africa, adding a new dimension to our weaving process and contributing to our animal therapy sessions.

Our artisans go beyond traditional weaving methods, hand-processing and spinning alpaca fleece to create organic, chemical-free products of unmatched quality. Alpaca fleece, celebrated for its warmth and lightness, is perfect for crafting baby clothing and duvet fillings. Inspired by this sustainable ethos, our community artists in Dordabis have crafted exquisite baby clothing and hand-spun alpaca yarn, for those eager to start their creative journeys, that will soon be available at our gallery shop.

Embark on a journey through the art of weaving with us, where tradition meets innovation, ethics harmonize with sustainability, and every thread tells a story of conscious living. The Sandwerf Weavery is not merely about carpets; it symbolizes a commitment to ethical practices, sustainability, and the seamless fusion of tradition and ingenuity.

The loom's strings on one of the original looms in the Sandwerf Weavery.

" Weaving is not just a craft; it's a story told through the hands, a tapestry of heritage, and a promise for the future. "

- Anonymous -

Two young Alpacas on the Sandwerf grounds.