A couple on their wedding day silhouetted against the skyline in the Sandwerf chappel.

Events at Sandwerf

A Unique Celebration Amidst Nature's Embrace

Sandwerf is more than a venue; it's a sanctuary where every celebration transforms into a captivating tale. Located just 90km from Windhoek, this haven offers an intimate escape, weaving unforgettable moments surrounded by nature's serenity. Our venue is meticulously designed for special occasions, providing the perfect backdrop for weddings, workshops, and corporate functions.

In the heart of Namibia's semi-arid embrace, Sandwerf unfolds as an oasis of tranquillity. Surrounded by ancient mesas and vibrant acacia trees, it's a canvas where dreams blossom and moments become timeless. The location, accessible via a tarred road, ensures a seamless journey for those seeking respite from urban clamour.

From the enchanting open chapel perched on a mountain to the sprawling Restaurant Courtyard under the African night sky, each space at Sandwerf is a unique chapter in your celebration story. The setting sun over Joseph's Dream Stud Stables and the rhythmic dance of vibrant horses offer an exclusive touch to weddings. For workshops, our diverse spaces, including a creative gallery, function hall, and garden stage, provide an inspirational canvas for creativity. Corporate functions benefit from a refreshing environment, modern interiors, and professional service in our versatile Function Hall.

At Sandwerf, every event is an immersion into nature's embrace, a fusion of purposeful design, and a celebration of life's special moments.

A newlywed groom is carrying his bride at Sandwerf.


Begin your journey of love in a setting as unique as your commitment. Sandwerf hosts a limited number of exclusive weddings each year—exchange vows in our open chapel on a mountain overlooking Joseph's Dream Stud Stables. Enjoy a private photo shoot with our vibrant horses at the stables and celebrate under the African night sky in our Restaurant Courtyard. Booking is exclusive to our accommodations, and limited availability makes early reservations crucial for your dream day.

An artist works on her masterpiece in the horse paddocks at Joseph's Dream Stud on Sandwerf.

Workshops at Sandwerf

Create, inspire, and teach in the serene atmosphere of Sandwerf. Whether you're an artist, coach, health instructor, or chef, our venue provides a peaceful and inspiring environment. With diverse spaces like a creative gallery, function hall, garden stage, and more, your workshops can flourish. From weekend sessions to month-long courses, Sandwerf offers exclusive spaces and accommodation packages tailored to your needs.

The spaciously modern conference facilities at Sandwerf.

Corporate Functions

Discover the perfect blend of a clear mind, modern interiors, and a refreshing environment for your corporate functions at Sandwerf. Just a short drive from Windhoek on a tarred road, our Function Hall is available for day functions and stay-over events. Enjoy professional service, excellent food, and an environment for focus and rejuvenation. Only in-house catering is permitted, ensuring a seamless and memorable corporate experience.

A newlywed couple have their photos taken with Joseph's Dream Stud horses on the Sandwerf property.