A couple soaks up the evening tranquillity from the comfort of their private veranda at one of the units at Sandwerf.

Your Sandwerf Sanctuary

A Tapestry of Rest and Adventure,
Woven with Comfort and Namibian Charm

The view from the bed towards the lounge area of the rooms at Sandwerf.
The cosy atmosphere of the private veranda at one of the units of Sandwerf.
The interior of the bathroom of one of the rooms is Sandwerf.

Experience an exclusive and personalised stay at Sandwerf. Our accommodations are not just unique; they are designed to complement the natural surroundings, offering both comfort and tranquillity. Each unit is spaced far enough apart to provide a sense of privileged seclusion, an ideal escape from the modern bustle. Imagine waking up to the melody of a wild bird song on your private veranda, gazing at the splendour of an African sunset, or contemplating the mysteries of the universe as the crisp, clear night skies allow for seemingly endless constellations to glisten above. At Sandwerf, you can fully immerse yourself in nature's tranquillity and the universe's beauty.

Each unit has unique proportions, as some are converted farm structures transformed into luxurious spaces. The teams have gauze on the windows and sliding doors, which allows a cool breeze to filter in while keeping all insects out.

Our spacious bungalows, infused with Sandwerf's unique charm, offer ample space for friends to share laughter and create unforgettable adventures. The open-plan kitchen and lounge area provide a warm and welcoming setting for conversation, making everyone feel at home.

Sandwerf's havens are a testament to their dedication to mindful living. The use of sustainable practices is evident in the recycled materials and locally crafted fittings. The commitment to sustainability influences every aspect of the retreats and is only surpassed by their goal of creating employment opportunities through crafting and manual labour.

This space is more than just a chamber; it's the gateway to your transformational Sandwerf journey. Here, comfort and adventure blend seamlessly; every sunrise invites you to explore, and the sun-kissed skies whisper promises of unforgettable experiences. To facilitate this serene atmosphere, we have opted only to accommodate children over 12. So, come and choose your perfect haven, and let Sandwerf reveal its magic to you: one starry night, one crackling bonfire, and one breathtaking dawn at a time.

The view overlooks the private plunge pool and veranda at one of the various units at Sandwerf.

"There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature - the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter."

- Rachel Carson -

A young couple dipping their feet in the refreshing coolness of the private plunge pool of one of the rooms at Sandwerf.