Joseph's Dream Stud horses in the mystical evening light on the grounds of Sandwerf.

Awareness Retreat

Heal, Reflect, Rediscover in Namibia's Tranquil Bush.

The private plunge pool and veranda of the units of Sandwerf.
A macro photo of bright purple flowers against the green backdrop of Sandwerf.
A rainbow extends over the Sandwerf restaurant, the remanence of a brief rain.

Our Awareness Retreat is a medical Burn-Out and Burn-Out prevention Retreat, worked out by a team of licensed German psychologists in cooperation with licensed specialists in animal-assisted therapy, music & art therapy and the founders of Sandwerf. This three-week Retreat focuses on awareness, self-care, and setting healthy boundaries in your life. Our Awareness Retreat has a fixed scheduled program consisting of a combination of Psychoeducation, cognitive behavioural therapy, creative arts therapy (art, music and dance/body movement), schema therapeutic interventions, skills training, animal-assisted therapy, mindfulness training, a therapeutic living, community, enhancing life skills (gardening, cooking, eating together) and personal 'resting times' to reflect on your own beliefs and habits.

The goal attainment for this Retreat is treating and preventing Burn-Out under the critical question: "what can my current crisis teach me?" It is about understanding Burn-Out as a starting point for further personal development. The key is learning from your crisis, gaining the courage to 'go your own way' and strengthening your intuition by finding your inner compass. This Retreat will encourage you to get help when needed and change your reference frame. Sandwerf is allowing you to leave your usual, daily and cultural environment behind for a noise-free and healing environment in the African Bush and at the pace of nature. Experience and re-learn a great sense of community and reactivate the feeling for your rhythm. Our two- and four-legged therapists and teachers will show you how to revitalise your lost intuitive skills.

It's time to walk barefoot again!

In preparation for a group session on the grounds of Sandwerf, white chairs surround an open fire.

Therapy Program:
The mornings consist of group therapy with a licensed psychotherapist (focus on cognitive behavioural therapy), Psychoeducation, skills training, schema therapeutic interventions, resilience training, role play The afternoon program consists of several workshops on a rotation system with the contents: animal-assisted therapy, creative arts therapy (art, music and dance/body movement), gardening, meditation, mindfulness training, enhancing the ability to perceive pleasure & slow down, nature exploration, Self-reflection using daily diary entries.

Costs included per participant for a period of 3 weeks € 6000. (Please inquire for local rates)
Accommodation in our Sandwerf spacious chalets (single occupation or double occupation chalets; all rooms have private bathrooms.) All meals are prepared by our talented chef on the side. Breakfast, lunch, supper, water (fresh farm water from the tap), airport shuttle, daily group sessions in the morning under the guidance of a licensed M. Sc. Psychotherapist under supervision, workshops in the afternoon, two individual therapy sessions per participant per week, and the beautiful silence of the African Bush. 3 'explorer days' with half or full-day excursions away from Sandwerf.

For a comprehensive schedule, please get in touch with us directly.

Mindful Awakening

secure your participation, upcoming retreat dates:

JUNE 2024:
Sunday 02 - Sunday 23
AUGUST 2024:
Sunday 04 - Sunday 25
Sunday 06 - Sunday 27

A horse smelling the hand of a volunteer is a tender moment between the two species.

For this Retreat, you will receive a certificate of participation from our project supervisor, Dr and licensed psychotherapist (PP) Gudrun Hoika-Messing-Floeter from Germany, free to use for VAT refund claims or medical refund claims in your home country. This retreat is in English but also available in German twice a year.

The roots of a wild fig tree clinging to the rock outcrop.